January 23, 2015

Relationship Workshops Vancouver

Relationship Workshops Vancouver

Get and Keep the Relationship You Want

Learn the secrets of having the happiest, longest-lasting relationships…

All our workshops are lecture-style with non-threatening exercises–so no sharing of your personal experience is necessary. However, deeper results are found in bringing your partner or a friend and sharing with each other, completely at your option.

REV Level 1 – Relationship Workshops Vancouver:

Offered almost every month at Art of Loving Sex & Relationship Store, Vancouver


Title: Get and Keep the Relationship You Want: 7 Secrets of Relationship Masters

Gottman Intro Workshop – Core Skills for Couples & Singles

For Cost, Times & Registration, click HERE, or Call our Host, The Art of Loving @ 604.742.9988. Register Now to Ensure Your Seat as we almost always run Near Capacity. 

Location: Art of Loving – 369 W. Broadway, Vancouver, BC

Details: In this approximately 2-hour educational workshop (not therapy), attendees will gain practical tools for increasing intimacy, passion, and reducing conflict, whether single/dating, newly living together, or married for many years.

Unlike most coaches or therapists sharing only their opinion, and often limited experience of healthy relationships, certified counsellor Richard Tatomir, M.A. Counselling Psychology, C.C.C., and his team of special guest specialists are expert researchers and presenters, leading participants through the latest research on what keeps couples happy long-term, derived from studies of over 3000 couples across North America. Richard is a registered Gottman 7 Principles Educator, one of only a handful across Canada.

Richard’s practical and humorous presentation style promises to have participants actually able to understand and apply the principles of master relationships through engaging, yet comfortable, exercises and activities.

You will also learn a wealth of resources, whether you are a potential client, or relationship professional who wants to bring their relationship and rapport-building skills to the next level.

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Seat at Workshop @ The Art of Loving – “7 Secrets of Relationship Masters.” Follow link below:


Register HERE.

(Seating Limited to 25 attendees only).

REV Level 2 Relationship Workshops & Retreats

Build Your Relationship Fitness with RFIT: A Step by Step Approach for Couples, Singles, Families, and Teams in Conflict

Offered on Request to Individuals, Couples, and Organizations, email us HERE.

In this presentation you will peek behind the often mysterious curtains of couples therapy to take home skills you can use right away to make real changes to your closest relationships. These skills are taken from RFIT (Relationship First Integrated Therapy), a new step by step approach to resolving relationship difficulties developed by Vancouver-based relationship therapist Richard Tatomir and out of their frustration with the ineffective and confusing nature of traditional couples therapy. RFIT takes the headache out of relationships by taking the newest research on healthy relationships and breaks it down it into a step by step form that couples, singles, families or work teams can actually use–even if only one partner is willing, and even if significant issues like anxiety, depression, trauma (including infidelity) are present. Continued application of tools in the RFIT toolbox can reduce time and energy spent fighting and increase feelings of closeness and safety in your relationship(s). Presentation usually runs 1.5-2 hours, but can be expanded into a day or weekend workshop.

Relationship Experts Vancouver (R.E.V.) by Richard Tatomir treats Your Relationship as Our Client. We come to you anywhere in the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley/Metro Vancouver or via Skype/Phone/Text/Email, bringing over 5000 Hours of international experience teaching the Science of Relationship Success Directly to Your Home or Office.

To Book this Training customized for yourself, you and your spouse/family, or work team, at your Home, Office, or one of our meeting spaces near you across Canada, email HEREPrices start as low as $25/per person.

Our Results:

Workshops are based off world-renowned Dr. John & Julie Gottman’s best-selling book and educational group program, The 7 Principles of Making Marriage Work and The Relationship Cure.

Studies have shown that people who practice the 7 Principles, gained over 30 years of research with over 3000 couples across North America, can see the following changes:


1) Higher overall relationship satisfaction

2) Reduction in harmful types of conflict

3) Increased sex and intimacy

4) Better understanding & avoidance of common relationship pitfalls


We will be presenting this program in various locations around Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Stay tuned for a location near you. If you are interested in us bringing this workshop to your university, church, or other organization, contact us.

What can I expect from REV workshops?

This is not therapy, rather this workshop is designed to give you practical skills you can use right away to improve your closest relationships–especially romantic–but also family, co-worker, and friend relationships.

Part of the workshop is a lecture with visuals, and part is engaging you in some practical exercises in deepening your relationship that are comfortable (we promise!)

Many of the exercises are in dyads (groups of 2), so bringing your partner or friend you trust is ideal. However, as singles and those with partners unwilling or unable to come have really requested this workshop, we have modified it so that many of the exercises can be done with one of us (the facilitator, a trained counsellor) or can be done thinking about a past partner, or future “dream” partner you would like to have.

Too often presenters leave the audience hanging with abstract concepts, telling them they have to pay for the “real” bits later–instead, we will provide you with tools and concepts that make a different right away in your relationships, if you use them. Of course, if you’re ever wanting more in-depth tailored advice and instruction to your specific situation, that’s when working with us directly is ideal.

What kind of exercises will I be doing specifically?

1) Getting  to decide what they would bring to a desert island and then lets us talk about key features of good communication and compromise (easy to do with singles and couples)
2) Planning specific compliments and “doable” tasks to do for one’s partner, or if single, to invest in your relationship with yourself or date!
3) The “Magic Conversation Formula” – teaching you to communicate in an assertive way that shows what you need with a minimal chance of offending your partner, boss, friend, or even in-law…gaining a maximum chance of getting your needs met
4) Learn the 52 questions you should ask before moving in or getting married! (These questions are not random, they are well researched by Gottman and were designed to build intimacy and see how each other’s “love map” of the other is).
5) How to fight fair – including how to us “time outs” in fighting that don’t leave the other partner hanging/feeling abandoned
6) Ideas for recognizing signs of overwhelm/shutting down in self and partner and suggestions on what to do instead
7) Recognizing the “4 Horsemen” – styles of communication that are highly likely to lead to divorce (couples that display all 4 have around a 95% chance of getting divorced within 10 years), but if even one of you begins to change one aspect of these it will have dramatic positive effects on your relationship

What should I bring to the workshop?

Pen, paper or notepad, and an open and willing attitude. Bringing your partner (or a friend) is recommended, but not required. Even if only one partner uses the tools we talk about, a dramatic difference in their relationships can still be had, this is because of systems theory (ask us about our clinical experiences seeing this!).

I want the workshop privately as an individual, couple or at my location…

Again, if you are interested in us bringing this workshop to you privately, or at your university, place of worship, or other organization, contact us. We can also add you to our mailing list to let you know where and when our next relationship workshop in Vancouver will take place.

Full Curriculum Details:

Chapter(s) Topic
1 & 2 Introduction: The Truth about Happy Marriages, Predicting Divorce, How this Course will Help
3 Principle 1: Love Maps
4-5 Principle 2: Nurture Your Fondness and Admiration
Principle 3: Turning Toward Each Other
6 Principle 4: Accepting Influence
7 Two Kinds of Marital Conflict: Solvable and Perpetual Problems
8 Principle 5: Solve Your Solvable Problems
9 Coping With Typical Solvable Problems
10 Principle 6: Overcome Gridlock
11 Principle 7: Create Shared Meaning (& Daily Rituals for Better Connection)
12 Afterward: What Now? Maintaining Gains

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Seat at Workshop: “7 Secrets of Relationship Masters.” Reserve following the link below:


Register HERE

(Seating Limited to 25 attendees only).

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