Swipe Right for Friendship–How Apps Like Bumble BFF Are Revolutionizing How We Connect With Others

How Bumble BFF Can Hook You Up with Lifelong Friendships

Apps like Bumble BFF¬†are on the cutting-edge of how lasting friendships can still be found–even in overwhelmingly busy city-life.

Life teaches us many valuable lessons about friendships. Beginning in childhood, we all create bonds with others that run deep, many of them lasting well into adulthood. The power of friendships is part of what makes us human and a significant factor that creates enjoyment, solidarity, and peace in our lives. Studies have proven that having close friendships provides a feeling of being a part of something larger than ourselves, fights depression and anxiety, and creates a feeling of control and empowerment over our destiny in this sometimes difficult to navigate the world.

The scene of the world has changed in recent years, however, and many young adults now find the process of creating friendships to be overwhelming or stressful. The advancement of technology and the shift towards locating employment in metropolitan areas makes finding true friends more difficult. Many young adults in this situation find that taking the time to meet new people in the traditional ways of the past is now harder than ever.

A growing number of young adults now move to bigger cities to find gainful employment upon graduating college. This may provide a fantastic secular boost, but the way of life in these areas tends to be fast paced and busy. Many people struggle to find the time to gravitate towards social gatherings as a way of meeting people and forming new friendships. Thankfully, there’s now a way that modern technology can help us with this problem.

Whitney Wolfe Creates Bumble BFF

Bumble BFF Founder Whitney Wolfe (Credit: Vanity Fair)

Whitney Wolfe is a young entrepreneur who recognized that today’s lifestyle and the expectations society puts onto women create an unnecessary burden when it comes to forming new relationships. Whether they’re looking for romance connections or just friendships, women have often been bystanders without a great deal of control over the situation. Whitney set out to change this and put women in control of their destiny in terms of relationship building, so she designed a smartphone app called Bumble BFF.

The Changing Scene of the World (Swipe Right for Friendship–How Apps Like Bumble BFF are Revolutionizing how we Connect with Others)

Not only are more women putting their secular career first, but many also find themselves in new cities to accept employment in locations that offer more lucrative positions. Not only is city life hectic, but being new to these locations can make meeting new people difficult.

Additionally, women today are waiting longer than ever to get married. The average age of a first marriage today is 27, and drastic jump since the 1960’s. This longer waiting period before entering the world of marriage means that women rely heavier on friendships during the years leading up to matrimony. For connection, fun, emotional support, and help navigating through the complexities of life, the need for friendships remains a vital part of our makeup.

What is Bumble BFF?

Bumble BFF is a spin-off extension of the successful dating app called Bumble. While the original app Bumble was designed to put women in control of the online dating scene, Bumble BFF is structured to help you find your new best friend. Whether you’re into hitting the gym at 5 AM or heading out for cocktails as evening approaches, you’re sure to find a new bestie who takes pleasure in the same activities.

Swiping right is not just for finding hookups anymore–build lasting connections with a new BFF.

How is Bumble BFF Unique?

Bumble is unique in that allows women to be in control. This applies to the original dating app as well as the new Bumble BFF spin-off. You as the female are the only one who can create a match, simply by the flick of a wrist. When you encounter a member profile that strikes your interest, you simply swipe their profile and make a connection. The app allows you to communicate back and forth with your matches so you can arrange to meet your like-minded new friends in person. Bumble BFF takes the stress and guesswork out of meeting new people with common interests, allowing for more freedom during the process of creating deep and meaningful connections with others.

The majority of Bumble BFF users are between the ages of 23 and 30. All types of women frequent the app, including earthy free-spirits and busy professionals who are crunched for time. Bumble BFF experiences as many as a million swipes in a single week. Well over half of original Bumble users are looking for friendships first and foremost.


Even stars like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have to go through the search process for compatible besties in today’s highly competitive, disposable world. (Credit: toronto24hours.ca)

How to Get Started Creating Lasting Friendships

It’s no secret that friendships make life more enjoyable and bring comfort through stressful times. They also provide an outlet for celebrating the joys and victories that life has to offer. Meaningful and deep connections give us a deeper meaning to our lives and provide us with much-needed support and human interaction. We are social creatures, whether we feel we have the time for social events or not. Today’s technologically advanced world needs new and innovative ways to form these friendships with others, and Bumble BFF seems to fit the bill in providing a creative way to do just that. Try the app designed to put you in the driver’s seat and help you connect with a new BFF today.