Get the Relationship You Want

We have 5 FREE “Get the Relationship You Want” Consultation slots this month. Whether you are in a relationship or want to be in one, this Free 30-min. coaching session is for you.

Couples: Are you sick of the fighting? The head-aches? Do you wish your partner looked at you the way they used to?

Singles or Divorced: Are you starting to believe there are no good men/women out there? Tired of repeating the same mistakes in relationships, and want to start, and keep, new relationships on the right foot?

If any of this is true for you, Certified Masters-level Counsellors, Richard & Stephanie together will come to your door (or location of choice) and as a team show you the path to reducing conflict and increasing happiness in your relationship.

In consultations with Richard and Stephanie, clients state they gain the following benefits:

  • 1. Create a crystal-clear vision for the kind of partner you’d like to attract (Singles), or improved relationship you want with your current partner (Couples).
  • 2. Learn the science of what actually attracts, and keeps, a partner for the long-term.
  • 3. Learn how to fight fair and reduce conflict (and the head-aches and regrets that come with it)
  • 4. Learn what the couples who have both the most romantic relationships, and steamiest sex have in common
  • 5. Identify crucial blind-spots and obstacles getting in the way of your ideal relationship (trauma, limiting beliefs, bad habits, motivation “zappers”) Note: Clients regularly state they are surprised to learn what is actually getting in their way!
  • 6. Develop a written SMART goal plan that focuses on the 3 most do-able actions (read: what you can handle) that can massively increase the chance you “Get the Relationship You Want”–and sooner.
  • 7. Leave feeling more re-energized and confident to go after the partner of your dreams (Singles).
  • 8. Renew your hope for what your relationship can be!

This is not a typical therapy session–you will not be forced to expose all your secrets or delve into painful memories of the past! It is a consultation and information session designed to help you begin to understand common pitfalls in relationships and learn some tools to give your relationship the best chance of success.

What’s there to lose? If you can pick up even one piece of information/understanding that can help you find your best match or save the relationship you are in, saving you days, weeks, even years of pain, money and time, and not have to pay a cent, why wouldn’t you?

Hurry, once all the spots are booked, our regular session applies (up to $150, A Discounted Rate still applies for Groupon customers).

Book Here:

or Call/Text: 778.344.9644


If you need more information before deciding to work with us, including benefits of our unique Counselling-Coaching approach, approximate number of sessions for an issue, fee break-down etc. visit Frequently Asked Questions or phone us at 778.344.9644.

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