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Attract, Keep & Enhance Your Most Important Relationships

Learn the skills for success in any relationship. Transform conflict into connection. Tailored Coaching, Education, and Therapy Solutions for Couples, Singles, Family, Business, Coaches and Leaders.

Balanced, Male/Female Perspective

Male & Female experts consult with one another to ensure we bring the best of both perspectives to the table, reducing the chance one partner feels left out or sided against.

Your Comfort is King (Or Queen)

We take an educational approach vs. a traditional therapy approach. This means we don’t get you to practice the same fight over and over, rather we break skills down into step-by-step practices you can use right away, guiding you from conflict to connection, as smoothly and safely as possible.

We do house calls.

Meet us at your home, favorite coffee shop or one of several office locations throughout Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Phone and Text support is available between sessions to help you put to use your learning faster and manage any roadblocks along the way.

Learn Science. Not Opinion.

REV uses evidence-based practices that were designed specially for relationships, such as Gottman and Emotionally-Focused Therapy. These approaches have the highest success rates for strengthening all kinds of relationships for the long-term (whether husband-wife, singles dating, or business-customer), and are much higher than other therapy-as-usual you may have experienced in the past.

Calling all overachievers who are guilty of giving too much: Come fuel your Self-Care Tank weekly to end the habits that lead to overwork and toxic relationships. A low-risk way to join a community of support, and get your feet wet in the R.E.V. scientific principles that support your best life and relationships. (Welcome to singles, couples, straight or LGBTQ+, no previous group or counselling experience necessary.) Facilitated by Richard Tatomir, MA, Certified Counsellor.

5000 Hours of Bringing People Closer.

Our dream is to share with you the secrets of "Relationship Masters"--those couples, families, teams, and visionary leaders with the longest, happiest, and most meaningful relationships--how they became the way they are, and how you can too. We pave you a road map for relationship success based off of using methods that have 30+ years of research with 3000 different relationships across North America (such as Gottman, EFT, CBT), helping you make the changes you've always wanted to make your relationship better. Added to the science we have significant experience--over 5000 international hours in the counselling and relationship coaching profession--helping clients just like you. Whether you are thinking about moving in together, long-time married and wanting to rekindle the spark that brought you together, or single and needing help finding Mr. or Mrs. Right and making it last, we have what it takes to make your relationship happier and your fights shorter. And if you are a team, leader of a team, or a relationship professional we can show you how the "New Science of Relationships" can bring you to levels of influence and impact you never thought possible.

  • Our number one goal is to strive to build a genuine relationship with us, where you feel truly heard, understood--and never sided against (perhaps the number one fear couples and teams have). Coming from a refuge of safety and confidentiality, more than anything, is what will allow you to feel safe to go after, and reach, your full potential as a couple, team or individual.

  • Our learning did not finish the day we finished Graduate school. We are always on the lookout for the best--mentors, authors, and courses to sharpen our skills in the goal of being the best at relationships. We are voracious readers. And we are students of people…We believe each client adds to our learning, with their different careers, skills and life stories. Our experience working with hundreds of couples and families allows us to know what actually works to make relationships last, and we dip into this vast pool of knowledge constantly to help you.

  • By giving access to experts between sessions, clients can develop a deep relationship with us that is not typical of most counsellor-client relationships. Clients have a chance to share with us their struggles and victories as they happen, versus having to wait a whole week. This access has led to faster learning in our clients as well as avoidance of costly mistakes. In addition, by our ability to see you in your home, office, one of our office locations from Vancouver to Chilliwack, or worldwide via Skype, we offer an unparalleled level of flexibility that matches the busyness of real life.

  • Though we aim for life-long relationships with our clients, coming back to us to better deal with life's inevitable joys and pains, our goal is to give you the skills to having happier, more-effectively-communicating relationships ASAP. We do not believe in keeping people stuck in their problems or over-analyzing, rather we strive to be known for the practicality and quality of the skills and help we provide. That other couples will look at you smiling, and ask how you are so happy, is our biggest passion, and, most effective, advertising.

our team

Richard and His Team are Available in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley In-Person to Your Location, as well as World-Wide via Skype, Telephone & Email for Consultation, Speaking, and Media Appearances.

Richard Tatomir, M.A., C.C.C.

Founder, Couples & Family Therapist, Conflict Resolution and Communication Expert for Teams & Leaders of Teams, Motivational Speaker
When Richard isn’t teaching or speaking, he is featured often as a relationship expert on Vancouver area radio, travelling the Spanish-speaking world, or blues dancing w/ his fiancee, Rachel.

UPCOMING WORKSHOPS: Join us at our next "The 7 Secrets of Getting & Keeping the Relationship You Want." Customized content for couples, family, singles, business and relationship professionals (coaches, therapists, & thought leaders) in a group format. A great way to be welcomed to the art & science of deepening connection and communication in a safe, lecture-style environment. Engage in exercises and take home tools you can use right away.

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